Car Accident & Whiplash

Serious Injury from Whiplash May Not Be Immediately Apparent

Seemingly minor car accidents can cause advanced pain and disability in the future.

Your Body Knows the Truth

Your body knows there is no such thing as a “minor” auto collision. Statistics show that more than half of all wiplash injuries in Ashburn and Loudoun County happens at speeds slower than 12 miles an hour—even though there’s no damage to your vehicle and you may not feel any immediate pain or discomfort.

Whiplash is a very sneaky injury. Soon after your accident, the insurance companies will be eager to settle your claim quickly before any physical problems surface.  Accepting an insurance settlement offer too soon may not be in your best interest.   You may feel fine for a few days or weeks after the car accident. Meanwhile, your body knows and secretly records that you already have life-altering hidden, soft tissue injuries in muscles, tendons and ligaments that may not be obvious for months or even years to come. When those injuries finally surface, the pain will come on quickly. Even worse, your injuries may not be fixable due to the permanent damage caused by not treating them immediately after the car accident.  Don’t wait another day, Schedule an Injury Severity Consultation today. Call our office – (703) 777-1234.

Dr. Thompson has advanced, special training in car accident injuries and decades of experience diagnosing and treating hidden soft tissue injuries. He knows what to look for. Once you explain the details of the accident and how you feel during your screening consultation, Dr. Thompson will discuss your best course of action to determine the severity of your injuries and what care you may need.

If you chose to continue to a Full Evaluation, any fees will be discussed with you prior to services being rendered. You are under no pressure or obligation to begin any program of care.


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What to Expect at Your Detailed Severity Evaluation Appointment

  • Detailed Case History: A complete case history will be taken, detailing the accident and all of your injuries.
  • Computerized Spinal Joint Mobility Scan: Cutting-edge computerized technology developed by N.A.S.A. engineers, to helps pinpoint hidden joint injuries.
  • Specialized Comprehensive Physical Examination: orthopedic, neurologic and physical injury evaluation.
  • If necessary, a Digital Motion Fluoroscopic X-ray evaluation to determine if you have permanent soft tissue (ligament) damage that is not detected by traditional X-ray or MRI. See
  • Recommended Action Plan: This plan details the results of your examination and diagnostic tests and explains your treatment options. If Dr. Thompson’s evaluation reveals a condition that is better treated by other means, he will refer you to an appropriate doctor in our network of trusted medical professionals.

Car Accident Victims! Call (703) 777-1234 today for a Free Consultation.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, take advantage of our Free Consultation with Dr. Thompson. He will assess your situation and let you know honestly if he can help you. It is a fact that most people who come in for a consultation can be treated very successfully with our proven chiropractic and physical medicine approaches to soft-tissue injuries and other car accident injuries. We look forward to assisting you right now!

Diagnostic Digital Motion Fluoroscopic X-ray

We are the premiere facility in Virginia that has this revolutionary technology that can detect hidden ligament damage before it causes you pain. It is especially important if you have been in a car accident, because the true extent of your injuries is often not visible immediately.

If you have been injured in a car accident…  Discover what you must know that could seriously affect your long-term recovery and insurance claim settlement offer. Visit