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Benefits of PRP Therapy
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Back & Neck Pain, Herniated Disc Rejuvenation
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Car Accident Whiplash Injury
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Sports Injury Treatment
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What Makes Us Right For You:

#1. Expertise! Our clinic director, Dr. Shandon Thompson has over 25 years experience treating over 4500 patients in Loudoun County. As a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician he has advanced training in the diagnosis and management of sports and motor vehicle related injuries. Dr. Thompson also works closely with other physicians of various specialties to offer his patients the best treatment options.

#2. Reviews From Happy Patients! What do our patients say about us? Read reviews from hundreds of happy patients by clicking Patient Reviews tab at top of page.

#3. No pushy approach or hidden fees, ever! Not everyone’s needs are the same. Treatment recommendations are customized to meet your individual goals. Your time is valuable so care plans are designed to get you out of pain and back to your best in the shortest time possible. We never want you to feel pushed in receiving more care than you feel you need. We also have affordable, flexible savings and payment plans for nearly all budgets. In addition, we file and receive payment directly from most insurance plans.

#4. Advanced Technology! We have among the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology. Including Digital Motion Fluoroscopic X-ray to detect hidden ligament damage and computerized precision spinal joint mobilization where is no sudden pushing or twisting associated with traditional manual approaches. “One size does not always fit all!” So we utilize many different therapies to meet your individual needs. Some of these therapies may include cold low level laser therapy, spinal decompression traction therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, exercise rehabilitation, massage, and myofascial techniques such as Graston, Active Release, and Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy.

#5. We Offer You a Risk-free Way to Try Us Out. Dr. Thompson provides a complimentary initial consultation. It gives you the opportunity to tour the office and meet with him for about five-ten minutes to determine if you appear to be a good candidate for care. If so, he will discuss what exam services need to be performed to determine the extent and severity of your problem and the best treatment approach.  If you are not a good candidate for his approach, he we will discuss and direct you to other options that may better assist you. This complimentary consultation does not include a physical examination, x-ray imaging studies, or treatment. Those fees will be discussed with you prior to being rendered. You are under no pressure or obligation to begin any program of care. Download a complimentary consultation certificate by clicking the following button.

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See How Our Non-surgical Integrated Medical Approach May Be The      Right Solution For You. 

Get Fast Relief Without Long Term Treatment Recommendations for... Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headache, Sciatica, knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Disc Herniation and other muscle, nerve and joint ailments.  We are also the Sports Injury and Car Accident Doctors that can help speed you to a fast and complete recovery.

Decades of Experience. Thousands of Satisfied Patients Since 1993, clinic director, Dr. Shandon Thompson, D.C., C.C.S.P and his experienced staff have successfully helped more than 4,500 patients return to active lives without pain. Their secret can be found in their gentle, alternatives to traumatic surgery and pain pills. Thier healing treatments allow your body to safely recover from years of chronic pain in a surprisingly short time.

  • If you have persistent neck or back pain and live in Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling or surrounding areas…
  • If you've been in a car accident or had a sports injury…
  • If you suffer from nerve pain, muscle pain or joint pain...

Free In-Person or Phone Chiropractic Consultations are available by downloading the complimentary consultation listed above. You may also Call 703-777-1234 to speak with our staff to schedule your visit. Or you can schedule online by clickiing the Schedule Appointment button at the top of this page

Advanced Chiropractic Technology in Ashburn

RestoreHealth of Va works at the leading edge of breakthroughs in chiropractic treatments and technology to provide world-class services to patients in Ashburn, Leesburg, sterling and the Loudoun County community. We're the premiere chiropractic office in Virginia to have Digital Motion Fluoroscopic X-Ray equipment. This unique technology detects hidden ligament damage resulting from car accidents or exercise and sports injuries so we can repair it before there's permanent damage.

Chiropractic, Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation & Massage

You'll find the health and wellness services you need to begin your journey back to an active lifestyle before the pain at RestoreHealth of Va. Call 703-777-1234 today! Begin feeling relief much faster than you ever imagined.

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