Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy

An Alternative Medicine Technique for Treating Muscle Pain

No drugs or medications needed.

Myofascial trigger points and tender points appearing in soft tissue are painful sites that reflect abnormal nervous system activity associated with many nerve, muscle, and joint conditions. The procedure known as Dry Needling is an important tool for diagnosing, treating and monitoring changes in myofascial trigger/tender points.

During this procedure, a sterile, very thin, solid filament needle, acupuncture type needle is inserted into tissue that may be associated with your complaints for the desired result of releasing tight tissue, improving microcirculation and removing neuro-noxious chemicals. The number of needles and the frequency of the procedure will depend entirely on your condition at each office visit. The term “Dry” means that no medication or agent is injected.

It can be helpful for headaches, muscle pain, tendinitis, plantar fascia foot pain, sciatic pain and much more.