UltraBright Red Light

UltraBright Infrared Photobiomodulation Light Therapy

Stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect injured or degenerative tissue at the speed of light.

Ultrabright Red & Infrared Light Therapy is a high powered photobiomodulation device providing blazing fast and effective treatments within just 1 minute per spot treatment.

Its 810nm Infrared wavelength stimulates repair of hard and deep tissues and scar reduction, joint and spine regeneration, hand, foot and knee issues, all over body pain relief, cartilage production and more. The Red 660nm wavelength stimulates repair of skin therapy, shallow muscles, nerves, inflammation reduction and soft tissue issues. The combination of red and infrared is now the gold standard in healing, pain relief and tissue/joint rehabilitation.

Very safe therapy that you may self-apply at home. No reported negative side effects or absolute contraindications. Great for nearly all muscle, joint, nerve, and skin conditions.

Great for all types of Muscle, Joint, and Nerve conditions…