Patient Testiomnials

Hundreds of Happy, Pain-Free Patients in Virginia

Read some comments from just a few of our many clients.

Greetings!  I came to Dr. Thompson and Loudoun Spine & Sports Group in 2011 as a last resort to living pain free.  After years of experiencing agonizing back pain, I just believed I had to live with the back pain since no other doctor or therapy worked (I went to 5 different chiropractors and 2 physical therapists with no improvement).  After just one visit with Dr. Thompson I was educated on the causes of my pain and the steps needed to get me better. He provided me with a thorough explanation that I actually understood.  Bottom line – within 3 appointments I felt better and my back pain improved significantly!

R. Rivera

I came to Loudoun Spine & Sports Group to seek relief for my middle and lower back discomfort.  In 1994 I had been diagnosed with a spinal tumor that required three major surgeries.  Physical therapy and pain treatment by medical doctors did not relieve the resulting muscular complications and related pain.  Ultimately, after initiating care with Dr. Thompson and his staff, I am beginning to feel like a normal person and able to do work-related tasks without pain.  One outstanding quality of the practice is the friendliness and compassionate attitude of the staff.  Everyone in the practice truly cares.  I am very satisfied with my progress and I would recommend Loudoun Spine & Sports Group to anyone considering the benefits of chiropractic assistance.

J. Blair

I first came to Dr. Thompson’s office because I was suffering severe neck pain and headaches that had lingered for about three weeks.  The pain limiting my neck mobility made driving very difficult and interfered with my daily activities.  I had been to my family doctor and he felt I needed to see a chiropractor.  He recommended Dr. Thompson.

On my first visit I was introduced to the staff and given a tour of the center.  Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.  This made me feel that I was a person they were really interested in helping and not just a patient hurried through.

Since my first visit I have found everyone to be caring, interested, helpful, and professional.  Something I really like is that Dr. Thompson explained everything so I can understand what is wrong and what is being done to help improve the problem.  He also explained what I must do or not do to help myself.  He and his staff constantly check to see if I’m all right during treatment.

I have made great progress since my treatment began.  The headaches are gone and the pain level in my neck has been greatly reduced.  My neck mobility is such that I can drive without a problem.  I can also perform my daily activities with just minor pain.  I have learned beneficial exercises that I do at home to maintain the improvement I make during treatment.

I don’t think I have ever been to a doctor’s office that makes me feel so comfortable and “cared about.”  I actually look forward to my visits both for the beneficial treatment that makes me feel so much better and for the friendliness of everyone there.

H. Rapson

I’ve suffered from chronic lower pain for several years.  In the past, I’ve seen chiropractors who would adjust, but never provide reasons for why the pain kept happening or offer ideas on how to prevent it.  Dr. Thompson’s thoroughness and comprehensive care has me feeling better and stronger now than any time in the past 10 years.  He and the staff are friendly and professional.  The best part is I understand why I’ve had back pain and what I can do to prevent recurrences.  I’d recommend Dr. Thompson to everyone who is experiencing persistent pain and feels that it’s something they have to “live with”.

K. Stoltz

A very much overdue thank you for providing me with what I believe to be the very best chiropractic care – your professionalism, obvious passion for your field and comprehensive approach to your care.  You have truly given me the ability not to live in a state of chronic pain.  For this, I cannot begin to let you know just how much of a difference you have made of my overall well being and grateful I am to you and your staff.

I have not allowed myself to be treated by another chiropractic doctor.  It’s hard to believe all the conditions I’ve had that you have successfully treated:

  • Neck pain leading to migraine headaches
  • Jaw pain from TMJ
  • Chronic back pain
  • Chronic hip pain that has gone away completely
  • Chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia that led to insomnia and other symptoms
  • Sinus congestion
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sore muscle tension fatigue after working out hard

My sincere appreciation and thanks for relieving the pain from everything stated above and never making me feel like I was a wreck.  Without fail, every time I walk in you are welcoming, caring and give me your full time and attention no matter how long it has been since the last visit. I’m thankful for your encouragement and ability to listen. I hope you will refer my letter to others who are considering becoming a patient.

J. Siegel

By visiting Dr. Thompson, my immediate pain was relieved, but more importantly, steps were taken to ensure that the area was strengthened to mitigate the risks of injury again.

You will find Dr. Thompson and his staff accessible and knowledgeable.  His office runs like clockwork.  He and his staff are efficient and welcoming, but most important, effective!  I highly recommend Dr. Thompson for a specific injury or pain, as well as, ongoing overall maintenance.

In my experience, past doctors have tended to take a one-size-fits all approach or, evaluate me one time and then give me the same treatment over and over, regardless of efficacy or changes in my condition.  Finally, Dr. Thompson is the first doctor who not only treated the immediate condition, but provided a plan of action and exercises to do both in the office and at home that strengthened the area and lowered the risk of re-injury.  Previously, I’ve only seen doctors who have chosen to deal with immediate issue of pain but did not address the underlying cause.

B. Stoltz

When I came to Dr. Thompson’s office I had suffered from chronic back pain due to a lot of lifting of small children.  The worst of the pain disappeared in just a couple of weeks.  Chiropractic care is now a regular part of my life just as exercise and eating well.

E. Layman

I have been under occasional chiropractic care for over twenty years, primarily for lower back pain.  Being self-employed, I don’t have the option of taking leave when discomfort occurs.  My occupation and home situation are moderately physically active.  I stand almost constantly for 12-14 hours daily, seven days a week; bending, lifting, and carrying (sometimes in excess of a hundred pounds) is necessary.  I’m not overweight, but my spine is deformed by pronounced kyphosis and very mild scoliosis, so I’ve long considered my back “an accident waiting to happen.”

Under Dr. Thompson’s care, I’m pleased to report that, for the longest continuous period I can recall I’ve been free from lower back pain.  I sleep well, my energy level is high, and I have not been physically ill, not even a cold, since Dr. Thompson began treatment.  His staff is very pleasant and extremely accommodating.  I’m also pleased that my wife has recently become a patient and I look forward to watching her improvements under Dr. Thompson’s care.

G. Griffith

I have had terrific improvement!  Now I can bend without back pain and continue to play cards without pain!  An expected improvement was with my legs.  Before I would sit at night and my legs would bother me.  However, when the back pain went away the leg pain went away.  Now I can do it all without pain!

What I like most about the office is the efficiency.  When I come in for an appointment at a certain time I am seen right away.  I also like the friendliness of the staff.

B. McCallum

I came to see Dr. Thompson after getting a massage from my massage therapist. While she was massaging my neck and shoulders she could see me cringe in pain when she was barely rubbing it.  She was working part-time for a chiropractor and knew of Dr. Thompson.  She said he was very good to his patients and treated them with a lot of care.

I called to make my first appointment and looked forward with eager anticipation to it.  At that time, Dr. Thompson took an x-ray and evaluated my problem.  He gave a recommendation, described the benefit, and left me to make the decision.  Yes, I decided it was time to get rid of this pain for good.

Gradually, the stiffness and pain went away.  I became aware of a sense of great relief and flexibility in my neck.  Coupled with massage therapy, all the neck pain and soreness has gone.  Since then, I have enjoyed a sense of freedom and self-confidence in the way I feel.  I have Dr. Thompson to thank for his foresight, persistence, and care in getting me to this stage of health.

J. Belindo

When I came to Dr. Thompson’s office, I was in a lot neck pain and could not sleep because of it.  I also had a difficult time dressing and undressing, as I could not put on or pull off shirts over my head without great pain.  I’m only 56!  I also suffered lower back pain which radiated down my leg.  After less than a dozen visits, I was able to not only get my arms over my head but up behind my back as well. My neck pain is greatly reduced, allowing finally a night’s sleep!  My lower back pain is nearly non-existent.  I credit this all to Dr. Thompson’s masterful manipulation.  He always knew exactly where each pain spot was in my back without me telling him!  The muscle stim machine was blessed relief and excellent physical therapy staff guided me in healing exercises.  Thank you all!

E. Comerford

When I first went to see Dr. Thompson I had a continuous headache for well over a month and could not hold my head up straight.  With the help of Dr. Thompson and his caring professional staff I began feeling relief after the first visit and now feel better than I ever did.

Because of his friendly and caring staff, it was easy for me to stick with the physical therapy program that Dr. Thompson determined best for my situation.  With perseverance and Dr. Thompson’s true concern for his patients, the curvature of my neck was finally corrected.  Late last year, when I was diagnosed with plantar tendonitis in the bottom of my foot, it was not a hard decision as to where I wanted to have the rehab on my foot.  Dr. Thompson and his helpful staff performed ultrasound on my foot for several weeks until I was able to walk once again with very little pain.  I would recommend Loudoun Spine & Sports Group and Dr. Thompson to anyone that was having problems with their neck, back, or needs to have any form of physical therapy or rehab.

A. Kimble

Over the course of 10 years I experienced generalized neck and lower back soreness and many headaches.  I tried everything from aspirin to just trying to ignore the problems in hopes that they would go away.  However, the soreness and headaches remained.  My soreness has greatly diminished and I no longer have headaches since completing my active care program with Dr. Thompson a couple years ago.  At present, I come in for a check-up once a month to help keep as healthy as possible.

Outside of not having the continuous headaches and soreness, I also noticed that while everyone around me this winter was down with colds and the flu, I had one of my healthiest winters in a long time.  I am thankful to Dr. Thompson and his staff for their help.  They are flexible, friendly, and efficient.

P. Corley

As the New Year unfolds, I often ponder the past years’ events worthy of thanks.  I have to say, my thoughts were filled with the wonderful, compassionate people at Loudoun Spine & Sports Group.

A year ago, I injured my knee while exercising.  My knee swelled and I could hardly walk.  I was devastated because staying in good health is essential in order to take care of my five year-old with Cerebral Palsy who does not walk or crawl. Upon entering the office I became leery because I realized I was in a chiropractic office and, although I highly respected the practice, I did not like being “popped or cracked”.  I mentioned to the receptionist that I thought I might in the wrong place, but she assured me I was not.  She was absolutely correct!  I was in the right place.

After several months of rehabilitation, my knee was healed and along with my back and shoulder too.  You even corrected my uncomfortable sleeping position by suggesting a specialized pillow.  I can’t say enough how friendly and caring you and your staff has been to me.  During the months that I came for my knee therapy I actually looked forward to the visits because you and your staff made an injury turn into a friendly recovery! I sincerely appreciate you and your dedicated staff.

S. Brown

I would like to express how much I appreciate you!  You took intolerable pain from my life.  Thank you for bringing my normal life back.  I could not live without your help.  You are the most caring, friendly and kind doctor that I have ever met.

Y. Mohler

It is a pleasure to speak about my experience as a patient at Loudoun Spine & Sports Group. One of the major drawbacks of working in the dental field for many years are the accumulated risks to one’s head, neck, shoulders, and spinal column which originate from poor posture that is held over long periods of time.

When I first came to Dr. Thompson, I was in a great deal of pain!  I had been experiencing for several years episodes that involved the following symptoms:

  • Chronic and acute facial/jaw pain
  • Chronic ringing in my left ear
  • Shoulders frozen
  • Sharp-shooting pains in my left hip
  • Tingling in my finger tips
  • Prolonged fatigue

I felt desperate to receive a thorough assessment and an appropriate treatment plan that would move me out of pain and help stabilize my condition so that I could go through my days as pain-free as possible.  Dr. Thompson’s comprehensive examination included gathering my medical history, necessary radiographs, as well as, asking me many appropriate questions that required extensive care and compassion in his listening skills.

I was diagnosed with arthritis in the cervical neck region that involved the misalignment of my spine in several places, thus causing the rest of the pains in the other areas of my body.

I received the care I needed and desired!  At Loudoun Spine & Sports Group, patients are given expert advice of how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, stress-reduction tips and regular chiropractic care to name just the essentials.

Through the years, I have experienced true sincerity from Dr. Thompson and his staff. If you or your loved one is searching for a competent and talented Chiropractic Doctor who has your health and best interests at heart, there is noone else that I would recommend over Dr. Thompson and his staff.  For me, Dr. Thompson is doubly special because I can honestly say he is also a compassionate friend.

S.Beaudoin R.D.H.

Thank you for introducing the dry needling therapy to me. My shoulder rehab has come a long way to this unique process. I am amazed at the difference it made. Also, thanks for the proactive adjustments over the year. Your practice helps keep me running at full speed.

 J. Work

Since starting chiropractic care about two months ago, I have noticed a marked improvement in my long-term lower back pain and occasional severe headaches. My lower back pain is now negligible and I experienced a dramatic decrease in both the numbers and severity of headaches. In addition to the above, I found that the care has produced some unexpected, but welcomed side benefits. I have greater flexibility overall and a much improved range of motion with my neck. Overall, it has been a very positive experience for me.

  J. Tello

I came in to see Dr. Thompson after having months of lower back and feet pain.  After receiving care, I have no back pain and only very little pain in my feet. I have noticed that I’m sleeping better and feeling very rested in the mornings. I have more energy and I am exercising and walking again. Since I am not hurting like I used to, I am also able to play more and I’m not as tired after work.

J. Chapman

I consulted Dr. Thompson for care because I had sharp pain in my lower back. For two months I tried using hot, cold, and rest to get rid of it. Nothing seemed to help. Upon recommendation of my daughter and a couple of friends, I sought out Dr. Thompson for chiropractic help. The initial explanation of treatment seemed logical to me. After four weeks the sharp pain was gone. With the treatment and the recommended exercises, my back and whole body got stronger and better.

    W. Sprau

I sought chiropractic care after talking with people that were helped through chiropractic care and reported it provided them with life changing results.  After receiving care with Dr. Thompson, my attitude towards my back and general health has never been better. In my opinion, he is the best of the best. Your staff has played a major role in my recovery. Thank you all so much.

T. Campbell

When I was 17, I was placed in a back brace for months. From that point forward, I began to have back trouble. Dr. Thompson is my third chiropractor and I’m grateful God has led me to him. He has wonderful hands, caring attitude and seems right on the mark for every ache and pain. He has helped me immensely. I am depending on him to keep me bowling, white water rafting, sailing, and maybe, just maybe, bungee jumping.

P. Fravel

I came to see Dr. Thompson for neck and shoulder pain and numbness in my fingers. My medical doctor dispensed medication which unfortunately did not work. Since beginning care with Dr. Thompson, my pain is gone and the numbness has reduced.  My neck and shoulder have greater flexibility. My posture is improving, I even have more energy. Both Dr. Thompson and his staff have educated me on how to take care of myself when I’m away from the office. Thanks. I am able to work without pain. Dr. Thompson is a pro when it comes to knowing how to apply chiropractic care and for how long.

R. Iacone

Prior to seeing Dr. Thompson, I suffered great pain from the left side of my neck. I could not turn or move my head in any direction without severe pain.  I also suffered with severe headaches for many years. Having had as many as three or four very severe headaches a week was not uncommon. I tried many different expensive methods to gain relief with little to no results. In only four short weeks, over 12 treatments, Dr. Thompson had stopped my neck pain and severe headaches – a task that a number of medical doctors, technicians, and a lot of hard earned money had not been able to do in 20 years. Thank you Dr. Thompson for giving me all you promised and more.

L. Forrester

I began seeing Dr. Thompson from having daily headaches and ankle pain over a year. My GP had prescribed numerous blood tests and an MRI of my brain, which did not reveal the cause of my problems. With Dr. Thompson’s care, I noticed vast improvements. My headaches are very infrequent now and much less painful. I’m now able to get through a whole day and I am no longer taking 5 to 6 Excedrin daily. Nor am I being awakened in the middle of the night with headaches. The staff is so nice, they generally care about your health and improvements and their schedule is easy and flexible.

A. Cantrall

I want the whole world to know how much my life has changed from receiving care with Dr. Thompson. I had been diagnosed with moderate to severe carpal tunnel in both my hands. Refusing to undergo any more surgeries and already having been helped by chiropractic care for my neck injury, I decided to give it a try. Imagine my surprise just a few weeks   my hands virtually stopped having severe pain and tingling.  Then in a few weeks after that, stopped going numb! I know I am on the right path with Dr. Thompson and will be forever grateful for his perseverance and dedication to his patients.

 S. Garrison

Besides getting pain relief I received good direction on exercises to maintain relief. The professionalism and attention to detail of Dr. Thompson and the staff is refreshing. It’s not just a job, they truly care. The positive attitudes of the staff are contagious. I appreciate his thoroughness and information that had not been rendered through other providers.

D. Mitchell

I injured myself while working out at the gym. The trainer highly recommended Dr. Thompson and told me that I would love this guy. So I gave him a call. Even though Dr. Thompson schedule was very booked, the office staff, understanding my severe discomfort, got me in to see him immediately. Bless them.


I can only describe Dr. Thompson as immediately comforting, compassionate and very sympathetic. He made me feel at ease, was very thorough with his evaluation, and gave me treatment that made me feel better. I could hardly believe that I had arrived nearly in tears and when I left, the tremendous sharp pain was gone.

I remember going home that evening and for the first time in weeks being able to actually sleep through the night.  When I was in for my next appointment, Dr. Thompson had very clearly laid out my treatment, the costs, told me not to worry, and that he would take good care of me; which he most certainly did. After his recommended course of care, I have actually no pain and now see him to make sure my body is consistently in the best shape to handle my workouts.

I have talked to many people since I first met Dr. Thompson who commented that they also see him and feel the same way about their experience with him.   Dr. Thompson himself is a kind man, with a very easy manner that makes you feel comfortable. I trust him completely when it comes to my care. His staff is always cheerful and happy and it makes it a pleasure to be there. The people Dr. Thompson has working for him are a reflection of the kindness he demonstrates. They are caring, knowledgeable and friendly. The therapy staff is, by far, the best.  I’ve never felt more pampered and cared for. I consider myself very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Thompson.

 A. Gibb

When I consulted Dr. Thompson I had pain and numbness in my legs over 1 to 2 months.  After receiving his care, I have better flexibility and less pain and numbness in my legs.  I’m back to 98% normal.  I have a lot better mobility, more energy, and a better knowledge of how to keep fit for my recreational golf game. I went from shooting in the 90s to the 80s. The office is very clean and organized.  Dr. Thompson is very polite, concern, professional, and helpful. The staff is the very best team of chiropractic staff I’ve ever met.

 R. Martin

When I was referred to Dr. Thompson by a friend, I was pregnant with my third child and suffering with extreme lower back pain and buttock pain. A fellow mom told me that Dr. Thompson was great during her pregnancy, so I decided to give him a try.  This was my first chiropractic experience and Dr. Thompson was wonderful. He answered all my questions and provided outstanding care. After the third visit, I was feeling a remarkable improvement.  Loudoun Spine offers excellent care and excellent customer service. I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

A. Marsh

Prior to seeing Dr. Thompson, I suffered with acute sciatica for approximately six months.  An MRI revealed a large disk herniation that was putting pressure on a nerve. After receiving treatment through traditional means; prescription drugs, rest, physical therapy, my medical doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon and Dr. Thompson.  Dr. Thompson felt that given the results of the MRI, the surgeon was going to immediately recommend surgery.  However, he felt that there may be a way to avoid surgery.

Dr. Thompson conducted intensive testing and evaluation and determined the best course to address my problem.  He discussed that the herniation is not going to heel completely but hopefully it will shrink enough not to be a debilitating problem. Dr. Thompson developed a customized, integrated approach involving chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, and massage therapy. My body began to respond to the treatments and I started to feel better.

Two months later, I’m feeling better and that pain and numbness has subsided significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Thompson and his staff. I can honestly say that his dedication and incredible devotion to my healthcare has made it possible for me to avoid surgery. The personal attention I received from Dr. Thompson and his staff is just unbelievable.

 L. Gillogly